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Feature request

Images time... and broken links :)

I usually put images in citydesk. Twice a month I reorganize my articles, leaving old ones with smaller images (or b/w ones).

Would be nice to add some size information of the image. I use Irfanview to view the current size, but .. its possible a properties option in the context menu?

And.. would be nice a "local broken links scanner" to check lost images added to the citydesk database, but not linked in articles or htmls.


Thursday, April 17, 2003

A somewhat related feature request.  I would go further and add that I would like to see "full" link checking capabilities added to CityDesk (with an option to turn off external link-checking). 

It would be nice to know about broken external links and be able to immediatedly fix them in CityDesk, instead of having to upload the HTML files to the site, run an external link checker to verifty the links, fix them in CityDesk and upload again.

Broken links is a very basic web maintenance chore that CityDesk could make a breeze.

David Burch
Friday, April 18, 2003

Another related feature request: I would like the image options dialog box to allow me to check off and add other attributes that are valid to the IMG tag, such as the ability to turn a border off and on.

Probably low priority as I can assign a border to all IMG tags in CSS then assign a separate class for the more limited cases when I don't want borders--But it would be nice.

David Burch
Friday, April 18, 2003

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