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Feature request

Long time ago... uhmm :-)

Somebody requested the posiblity of configure the 'teaser', 'sidebar', 'about the athor', 'extra 1' and 'extra 2' labels. Yeah, would be a nice feature.

What about the posibility to configure small templates to these 'TMemos' (sorry my delphi/builder description).

This way, we select the kind of Template in the Properties page (selecting it in the combo)... and when we change to Extras page we know what we have to write watching the new labels and predefined templates.

Oh yeah :)

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Yep !!!

And if every template could handle its own "object model", it would be nice to see the type of template we're currently using over every tab view, not only in property view.

With such feature, "building data friven web sites", as described there,

would be much easier than today.

It would be very easy to handle multiple type of records. the "product catalog" record could be set differently than the "HR database" record. Entries could easily be something else than "articles".

related request - It would be nice if we could define the type of extra fields too:
simple text, rich text, dates, figures... and use them in cityscript conditions. 

my cookie's gone
Monday, March 31, 2003

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