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Great posts on manageability - thanks

We've had some great postings over the last weeks, mostly about manageability.  I really appreciate it. I've had a few forehead slapping, eureka moments.

I'd divide them into feature suggestions and how-to's for CityDesk as is.  I wish I could grasp all of them, many hit close to home.  So, here is a list a few of the manageability issues (if only so that I can remember them):

1. Just what to do with keywords and how to manage them.
2. Just what to do with variables and how to manage them.
3. Managing templates (and what to do with them)
4. Data modeling for CityDesk. Organizing templates, variables keywords, folders, and files to keep from being sorry later: "When you mechanize a mess, you get a mechanized mess."
5. Simple tasks such as finding and deleting "never publish after" files.
6. Coordinating templates and variable names.
7. Keeping sites safe for and from the end users.
8. Improving manageability with stronger scripting.
9. Managing the modification of images, PDF's, et al.
10. Managing a development / bug fix / modification process.

I'll believe some will be solved by upgrades and other solved by clever methods.  Thanks to the forum folks for the clever methods and the issues revealed in the recent posts.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I'd add Navigation to that list too, Terry.

A lot of people (me included) struggle with creating a decent navigation system for their sites that will update itself as new content is added. CityScript only needs a little bit more flexibility to make this work without the non-technical user needing to get involved.

Darren Collins
Wednesday, March 26, 2003

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