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How to replace an image in a variable

Hi there,

I would like to replace an image with another new image in a variable in my web. Below is the variable.
Varable name:  header_logos
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" height = "69" border=0><!-- logos-->
    <TD vAlign=top width=122 height=69><SPAN><IMG height=68 alt="[Hot Lab logo]"
      hspace=4 src="PTMFOG0000000131.gif" width=338 align=left border=0 
      cd:pos="2"><BR clear=all></SPAN></TD>
    <TD vAlign=top height=69 width=399><SPAN><IMG
      align=left alt="Carleton logo" border=0 height=69 hspace=4 src="PTMFOG0000000132.jpg"
      width="388" cd:pos="2"><BR clear=all></SPAN></TD><TD vAlign=top height=69 width="100%"><IMG height=1  hspace=0 src="PTMFOG0000000125.gif" width=1
      border=0  cd:pos="0"></TD><!-- <td width="1"></td> --></TR> 

There are two *.jpg files in the short html. I want to replace other images. For example, img001.jpg, img002.jpg. Could you please let me know HOW. Thanks.


Monday, March 24, 2003

Right click (or alternate click) on the image in the CityDesk hierarchy then click on "Copy Magic Name."  Edit the variable and select the image name part of the src="...", then right click, paste to paste the new image magic name over the old.  Save the variable.

David Burch
Monday, March 24, 2003

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