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Great, great, great!

I'm so happy to have found CityDesk! Not something I would build very complex or heavily scripted websites with, but for when I need to whip off a site for a non-technical friend or small business, this is going to be perfect.

My favorite aspects of the software:

* Everything in one .mdb--oops, .cty--file.  Easy to distribute; no need to explain how to set up build scripts, etc.

* Designer view (or I should say, non-designer view).

* One-click deployment.

Wish list:

* Just a few more additions to CityScript; for example, being able to tell what row number you're on in a loop and do simple operations/conditionals based on that.  This is to allow alternating row backgrounds, and for tables that have N cells on each row.  (Someone please tell me if there's a workaround!)

* Being able to designate files (on a file by file basis) as only being visible in Design mode.  For example, CSS stylesheets are solely a design concern.

* J2EE/.NET integration... just kidding.

Thanks for a great product, Fog Creek!

-Joe Cheng

Joe Cheng
Wednesday, March 19, 2003

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