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Feature Request?: Comments

I'm not sure if this is should be a request, because I don't know if allowing visitors to your site to add comments to your articles is currently possible.
If it's not, I'd really like to see it added to the next version of CD.
If it is possible to do now, could someone point me in the right direction for more info?

Thank you

Monday, March 10, 2003

John Conners has made some nice templates to do this and other things with PHP:

Adriaan van den Brand
Monday, March 10, 2003

It's not possible to have CityDesk support this "natively" as CityDesk is not a server-side tool (comments are server-side; some kind of CGI-style support is required).

The PHP option is possible, as are other options. You can check for other options if you don't have PHP on your system (Perl, Python, ASP, etc.).


Austin Ziegler
Monday, March 10, 2003

Or do what I do and use a 3rd party bulletin board system... Not as slick as comments under the articles, but it gets the job done. I use ezboard... check out my site & click on the discussion board link on the right... the pay version doesn't have those ads & popups. - posting while on vacation (I have some down time)
Monday, March 10, 2003

I don't know if it works because I haven't tried it, but you could try to create a "realm" on ( a realm is the name for discussion spaces on this site)

and then, once your realm is created (seems to be free), it may be possible to use the variable "abslink" to put a dynamic link like "discuss this article" at the end of every article, or at the end of every teaser on a blog home page, and this without dealing with such boring things ;-) like php programming.

the link to add in your article could look like something like this:{$.abslink$}

But of course, no formatting there, no CD template...

it seems you can add the comments themselves directly on your page if your vistors are javascript enabled.

A (stupid ?) Idea: "greenspun like" realms proposed by fogcreek to its customers, for the owners of the paid versions only, with the ability to use citydesk templates, and with adresses like

//{$ .abslink $} includable in citydesk templates...

the same principle could be used for other features not directly handled by static files. Seems this idea interesting  to others ?

Vincent Benard
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Vincent, your idea does not sound stupid. It would be very easy to use. However, if server side scripting has a value of $10/month then for 1000 users of this feature this would be $10k/month.  Even if the cost to support this is only 50%, I'm sure Joel can do some very nice decoration for the new fogcreek office for that amount of money.

I would prefer to see some kind of plug in system, so people without PHP/mySQL experience can also easily use it. So you can download John Conner's comment 'plugin', install it and use it without knowing the details behind it (other than that it has some server side requirements to use it).

Adriaan van den Brand
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Thank you, all, for your suggestions!


Sunday, March 16, 2003

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