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The cats has been fed

Mark Taw's cats has been fed (or so they think) and will be quiet for a while. ;-)

Let's stop this howling for CD2 and concentrate on what CD1 does best. Forget CD2.

Now *only* some of the bug fixes remain and I'm afraid Mr Spolsky do not fully understand how important this is to us, the humble users, and to the reputation of his product. It's not very polite, nor wise, just to tell us to leave the party and move on to another product if we are not satisfied with this one. We could have figured that out ourselves. You have sold us a tool Mr Spolsky, don't be surprised when we use it and want the missing handles and a few missing screws delivered – even if you personally are up to your Wide Open Ears in problems with some future CD2 or whatever.

And while we wait a few month until Joel Spolsky have time for this forum again, we should enjoy CD1 and produce neat little pages with the elegant ease that *no other product* deliver ... yet. Yes, the thought of reverse engineering have crossed my mine – and others too I'm sure.

Jorgen Brenting
Tuesday, March 4, 2003

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