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How to import data into CityDesk ?

We just released our first public version of CD:FTP, a tool to download and import files from an FTP (web) server and generate a basic CityDesk database.

Our goal was to significantly reduce the effort involved with importing legacy data from an existing (client) website into a CityDesk database structure. No, it does not auto-generate customized templates yet :-)

All HTML files are turned into CityDesk articles. All image files are linked with their magic names and can be moved around the CityDesk tree structure.

Here is the download link:


Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas
Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Just realized that our site works best with Internet Explorer but has some CSS issues with Mozilla and Opera.

Still readable and accessible, but Mozilla/Opera users bear with us.


Patrick Thomas
Thursday, February 13, 2003

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