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Preventing CD from processing articles in a folder

I was wondering; working with a FAQ type document where the links and articles are in the one document; is there a way to prevent CD from processing the articles in the folder that we used in the FAQ when we publish?  The extra folder of non linked to FAQ articles is easy enough deleted but I'm just wondering if there was a setting that I have overlooked that would not create this folder of articles when publishing.

Robbert de Groot
Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Set the "Never publish after" date.  It's a good way to keep articles around in the .cty file without actually publishing them.  I keep documentation in unpublished articles.

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Using "Never Publish After" will prevent the articles from appearing in your CityScript loops too. I don't think that's what you want.

If I understand correctly, you want each individual question/answer to be an article, and then you'll pull all the question/answers for a topic together into one page using CityScript. That's how I do my CityDesk FAQ at

Because all the article bodies appear on the topic pages, you don't really want to publish each question/answer as its own html page. You can't currently tell CityDesk not to do that.

To work around this, I just created an empty template called "Blank" and assigned it to each question/answer article. So an empty html file gets published for each of those articles, but it's quick to upload (because it's zero length). Nothing on my site links to the individual articles, so readers never see them. They do exist, and it annoys me slightly because it's a little untidy, but it works.

I should add this to the FAQ :-).

Darren Collins
Wednesday, February 5, 2003

I would do this by using an if/then block, and checking for the presence of a teaser. For FAQ docs and the like, teasers will usually be left blank.


Robert Pawlak
Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Darn it Darren and Robert, you actually read the question.  The blank template does publish a small but non-zero sized article.  It's been reported as a bug.

There is a good thing about publishing the individual articles if you have a search on your site.  If the FAQ user searches for "How to groom Chia Pets" the search results, will probably return the single FAQ article at the top.  So, he'll get the answer rather than a page full of FAQ answers.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

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