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Closing CityDesk w/ unsaved work can't be canceled

When closing CityDesk with unsaved template (for example, if you accidentally hit the "Window Close" button), the standard "Do you want to save changes? Yes/No/Cancel" dialog appears. If you hit cancel, the work is not saved and CityDesk exits anyway. Hitting cancel should abort the "Window Close" action.

Note that this does not happen if you are editing a web page (cancel does the right thing in this case), only templates. If you have unsaved templates and web pages, the template dialog appears first and then canceling the second dialog (for the unsaved web page) aborts the application quit.

To replicate: With no other changes, open one of your templates and edit it. Then click the "Window Close" or File > Exit. When the dialog asking you to save your work appears, click cancel. CityDesk will exit without saving your work.

I have not seen this bug reported elsewhere.

City Desk version:  1.0.31 (Service Pack 2)

Luke Francl
Thursday, January 16, 2003

Actually, this bug was reported earlier:

I hope I've given enough information to reproduce it.

Luke Francl
Thursday, January 16, 2003

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