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City Desk + SCM sytems (Perforce, CVS?) Problems?

Hi all!!

As some might know from my postings on other forums of the site, I have just arrived at a new job. Part of my duties as "the one doing documents" will (probably) be to take over updating the company website (currently at; spanish only at the momen, soory ;).

One of the things I shall probably be doing "sooner better than later" is to get the site up and running in english, too.  I have been pondering different tools (ranging from "UltraEdit and a lot of sweat" to full blown CMS systems ;), but as time passes I feel more sure that City Desk might be just the tool for the job.

The thing is, one of the things I want to do ("must" is probably a better word) is to use a Version Control / SCM system. I am currently evaluating Perforce, Bitkeeper and a couple others, but I'd like to know how well (if at all) does CityDesk work with them.
The fact that the full site is stored on a DB kind of worries me, as I think that might be a problem for the version control system..

So, is there anyone out there on a similar situation? Has anyone experimented / used City Desk on a similar setting? Any tips / tricks / do's and dont's you might be willing to share?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Friday, January 3, 2003

check out the discussion forum for fogbuz. Those people use the version control systems a lot.

Just a thought.


John Cesta
Saturday, January 4, 2003

Well, the CityDesk database is an Access database. Access uses Visual SourceSafe, poorly, for SCM and pretty much won't work with anything else. So unless you want to just toss in the entire binary blob as a single file in SCM, controlling the CD database directly is going to be a non-starter.

You'll probably have more luck using SCM with the generated files. However, I don't see any way to avoid having that be a bunch of manual work - check everything out before publish, publish, check everything back in. Yuck.

Mike Gunderloy
Saturday, January 4, 2003

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