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CityDesk vs Macromedia Contribute

Has anyone checked out Contribute - at first glance it looks interesting.


Robert Cowham
Monday, December 16, 2002

Being a ColdFusion hosting company I tried Contribute at first glance. It is not at all like CD. Matter of fact it is fairly basic in that it simply opens a page and lets you work on it. I have some pretty basic pages on the web and it couldn't open most of them. It complained a lot.

I believe the download was about 30 MB. It's hard for a company like Macromedia to make a simple product. They have a need to include everything plus the kitchen sink into it to try and satisfy everyone. Even then everyone is not satisfied. My account told me once, he said, "John, if ALL your customers are happy you'll go out of business." Meaning, if you try and satisfy everyone you'll drive yourself crazy and spread your resources thin. And even then, you'll get complaints.

I think CD has the right idea in that they have a defined goal for their product and that's the path they follow to active it. Sure, along the way they will take ideas that make sense.


John Cesta
Monday, December 16, 2002

I looked at Contribute as well and decided to go with CityDesk for a number of reasons, the #1 being the way it handles multi-language websites. I have people in house who will be translating changes to the site into the different languages and the side by side interface tops anything else out there I have seen, in relation to the price and all the other features.

Friday, December 20, 2002

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