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BUG with filenaming ?

In converting a site over to CD, I needed to put in some redirects of old filenames to new folder/filenames. This meant that where the old file was Repligator.htm this was to redirect to Repligator\index.html.

From the Help:

If you have two or more articles which would result in the same file name in the same folder, for example, CustomerService and Customer Service, CityDesk will add a number to the end of one of them to make them unique.

My problem is that I *don't* have 2 ~articles~ that might end up named the same, but an article and a folder. I need them both be the same. The old for existing serach engine links, the new one for consistency and obviousness.

Is this a bug? Is there an achievable work around?

I found something in Terry's archives from MichaelP about deleting an article and recreating it. Doesn't fix this issue though - at least not on my file.

Tim Jones
Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Tim, did you see this one?

Tuesday, December 10, 2002


Joel said:

"It's a bit tricky but if you have a folder named index we don't let articles have the basename index, because we can't be sure you won't add a template family in the future with no extension which would cause a name conflict. So in general, right now, where articles are concerned, we err on the side of safety and don't let you reuse the same basename. But generating unique publishAs names is sort of a big logical morass :) If you're ever trying to debug something like this, pop open your site in Access and look at the sPublishAs field in the tblStructure table."

Darren Collins
Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Terry(and Darren),

No, I looked and looked, but didn't see it. That will solvle the issue for now I think. I'll just change it in Access to get around it for now.


Tim Jones
Wednesday, December 11, 2002

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