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CityScript is not flexible enough...

Hi all,

I begun to build skeleton of sophisticated website in CityDesk and I found that CityScript is very limited... For example, we can include page by keyword using (keyword_contains "keyword"). But I'd like to include page which filename include index, but I cannot, if I put some comment in parentheses. Why? CityDesk matches only full file names.

It would be nice to find in CS (if CS will be used in CD 2) more flexible version of script.


Lukasz Pogoda
Monday, December 9, 2002

To quote my favorite entertainer, mentor and, not to mention....hero, Popeye the Sailor Man..."I yam what I yam."

CityDesk does what it does.

Sometimes the beauty of a product IS in its simplicity and ease of use. Sometimes when a tool does "everything" you may become paralyzed and spend more time on figuring out how to use it that actually using it.

At first I thought CityDesk was pretty basic too. I mean, it only offers one font for example, and no tables, among other things. (Yea, the scripting doesn't offer everything that everyone thinks it should, but CityDesk is one of the only CM products I've seen that even offers any type of scripting period.)  But then, as I used CD more and more, I realized that the *real* power it offers *is* in its simplicity and ease of use. I am a collector of content management systems. I've reviewed a few and found that they are all designed for an IT person to install and configure on a company Web site and maintain. The user is only allowed to "operate" on a few select places on a page.

With CityDesk one person can do so much themselves. The power of CD templates is incredible if you learn how to use them correctly. The power of CD variables - you can even define yourself - is pretty awesome and a time saver. The fact that CD instantly FTPs your stuff to the site is in itself an asset to any developer. I mean I've been using it for a bout two weeks and have already switched a few of my personal sites to CD. I have actually been able to change just a few sections of each site to CD. I only FTP those sections that I created in CD to the Web server and the rest of the site stays the way it was when it was originally designed.

I think the guys at CD are going to be making some pretty incredible enhancements to this software and when they do I want to be along for the ride.

There is one feature I would like to see and that is the ability to export all the items in a CD file. So that in the unfortunate event the DB goes south it would be a simple matter of importing the export file into CD and the site would be back as it was.

Just what I think anyway. :)))

John Cesta

John Cesta
Monday, December 9, 2002

Lukasz, including a comment in the filename is a nice trick from Darrell, however if you want to script:
* either don't (e.g. use just 'index' without comments) so you can match filename
* use a keyword e.g. (index)

If you use a keyword, and you also use keywords for meta tags (as I usually do), it is best to make it the last keyword in order not to lower search engine rating.

Adriaan van den Brand
Tuesday, December 10, 2002

John, I fully agree. I just wish that Mr. Joel would either 1) release a SP3 to eliminate the worst bugs or 2) give some hint that Fog Creek is aware of the bugs and that work is in progress or 3) make everybody happy with CD2 which hopefully has not turned into a battleship of a program. I hope to find a 'simple' CD2. There are lots of battleships out there already. Please make a beautiful little swift PT boat. That would please good old Popeye too

Jorgen Brenting
Tuesday, December 10, 2002


META tags don't really have much of an affect your search engine rankings.  Not anymore, anyway.  Google doesn't use them at all.  See:

Alex Chernavsky
Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I know the search engine ranking criterea. I use the meta tags as a free bonus that helps a little. It is no magic bullet. The perlfectsearch script I use on my site (for site wide searches) does however, really like them ;-)

Adriaan van den Brand
Thursday, December 12, 2002

Hi all,

Thanks for help, indeed I'll use your tricks especially if it is easier to use something just invented. I used just 'index' without comments, but trick with keywords is good. THX again!

But I'd like to say a bit more about my, say, suggestion.

I like CS and its simplicity very much. But I know many, many other tools (I'm localizing software what requires me to be a jack-of-all-trades) and I found one thing: The more flexible the tool, the longer I will use it and the more useful it is. Power of the scripting is not used by all users but merely power ones and these will praise such upgrade. Having good scripting language at hand you can still write simple scripts, but you aren't limited to. It't better if your limits are your knowledge and imagination only.

CS can have much stronger script and won't lose anything. It can remain nice, easy to use application.

Best regards

Lukasz Pogoda
Saturday, December 14, 2002

Lukasz, There has been lot of CityScript discussion.  This one has a tantalizing hint from Joel:

Saturday, December 14, 2002

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