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Template Suggestion

Since most of my templates use the fields described in the 'Extras' tab for many different purposes, it would be extremely convenient to let the template designer edit a label that describes the field's purpose.  For instance, I have a template where I use Extra 1 to hold a medium sized image and Extra 2 to hold a thumbnail.  It would be nice to edit 'my' label for those fields for this template to look like:

Extra 1  (Medium Image)
Extra 2  (Thumbnail Image)

This way, when I provide the CTY file to the end user, the Extra fields are clearly labeled with what is expected to be placed in them or what their purpose is.

Each template would maintain these labels so that when I edit another template, Extra 1, or the Teaser or whatever can be labeled with something more appropriate for the template.



Greg Pfister
Tuesday, December 3, 2002

As CityDesk is now, the best way for me to "remember" what goes in the extra fields, including keywords is to create unpublished template articles.  (Not "template" templates.)

For example, in the template article's Extra1 field, I'd type "insert Medium Image here" and in Extra2  I'd type "insert Thumbnail Image here."  In the article itself I type instructions about how to do it.

So, when I need to add an article to a site I haven't touched in a month, I Ctrl-C Ctrl-V the template article in the main window to copy it, rename it, change the headline and publish date and do what the template article tells me to do.

I can barely remember lunch so this really helps me.  The trouble with renaming the extra fields for me is that I have radically different article types in a single site.  Extra1 might be one thing for one kind of article and something entirely different in another.

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Terry, the fields could be dynamically renamed based on the template assigned to that article. So if the article uses the 'Photo' template, Extra1 is called 'Medium Image' and Extra2 is called 'Thumbnail Image'. If you then changed the template to 'Book Review', Extra1 would change its label to 'Amazon Link' and Extra2 would become 'Author's Name' or something.

It's a neat idea, and fairly simple to implement.

Darren Collins
Tuesday, December 3, 2002

I see what you mean.

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

renamable fields associated with every template are a very good suggestion, especially in collaborative environments.

still more fields features:

the designer could set some fields to "mandatory" with some templates, which would be signaled with a red "*".

and also, he could hide "useless fields" associated with a template.

Like that, a simple site contributor would have a minimal cognitive load to figure out "which field must be filled with what".  And contributor should be obliged to fill all mandatory fields before closing an article.

Vincent Benard
Thursday, December 5, 2002

tk - Good idea... will help for now.

I like the other suggestions of being able to mark items as 'required' or 'not visible'.


Greg Pfister
Thursday, December 5, 2002

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