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Looking for an example CityDesk site.

A friend of mine is a biomedical researcher at a medical school.  He told me that his department is shopping for a vendor to re-design their departmental website.  The department consists of about 25 faculty members (lab heads), with associated post-docs and grad students.  Each lab will have an individual page (or pages) under the "master" site.

A major requirement is that people be able to perform updates themselves, without knowing HTML.  Of course, I thought of CityDesk.

I need to write a formal proposal and submit it to the faculty council in about a month.  It would be helpful to me to present an example website that is also based on CityDesk, and is at least somewhat similar to the proposed site.

Does anybody know of anything like this?  It doesn't have to be a university site, but it would help if a group of semi-computer-literate people are all involved in updating their own "small corner" of a larger site.  And it would help, of course, if the users are happy with CityDesk and are willing to go on the record as recommending the package.


Alex Chernavsky
Friday, November 15, 2002 is a good one, if you go to you can see how they let each ministry maintain their own corner.

Terry might know of some others; he's got a huge list up at

Joel Spolsky
Friday, November 15, 2002

Thanks for the links to Nazareth Lutheran.  I tried visiting that site before, but I couldnt' get it to load.  That site is one of the few websites I've encountered that doesn't work at all with my pop-up-stopping software (Proxomitron).

Incidentally, is excellent.  It blocks the majority of banner ads, Flash animations, pop-up windows, etc.  I highly recommend it.

Alex Chernavsky
Saturday, November 16, 2002

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