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Smart quotes in RSS


Just noticed a site that appears to be driven by CityDesk has ill-formed smart quotes crammed into it.

Check this page for an explanation:

Can efforts be taken to assure that CityDesk's RSS output complies with XML specifications?

Bill Kearney
Monday, November 4, 2002

CityDesk doesn't have any special ability to create RSS feeds. Instead, you can make a template which (using the built-in scripting support) can create RSS feeds (or anything, really).

There are some limitations to CityDesk, but in this case the author can create his template to wrap the description field in CDATA, or manually encode his smart quotes.

This could be captured as a feature request for the future. If CityDesk had a way to encode characters from within the UI, one could make sure that valid characters are outputted. In this regard, I think CityDesk is similar to other weblog tools that could do a better job of filtering input.

Checking this feed today, it validates correctly. Perhaps the site's owner fixed it or the offending channels were older and are now dropped.

Brian Cantoni
Thursday, November 7, 2002

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