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Do not generate HTML, etc.

Hi!  If this have been covered elsewhere, oops..but I didn't see it, so here it goes.

I would be nice to optionally tell CityDesk NOT to generate an HTML file for a particular document.  My example.  Each item in the "whats new" on the website is a separate document.  My wife (who I am devloping this for) can go in, create a new docment, type up a few things, publish, and the "Whats New" is updated.  This page reads the documents in a folder and creates one page for all the items. 

This works great, but I noticed that CD was also creating a separate page for each individual document, even though I had the template set to (None).  Not necessary, and not used. suggestion would be to have a box to check to prevent this separate page from being generated.

Also, it might be helpful to have settings per Folder, such as all documents in this folder use this template, and/or do not generate HTML files for documents in this folder, etc.


Jeff Kolker
Thursday, October 31, 2002

I use a specific EMPTY template (which is 'empty'); CD will still create the files, but if they are not .html extension, then they will be empty. (Otherwise, I guess you'll get the <!--- generated by FogCreek -->
message (not my favorite one) in the file.

Adriaan van den Brand
Friday, November 1, 2002

Thanks for the tip!  Still, I think no file generated at all would be better.


Jeff Kolker
Friday, November 1, 2002

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