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Editing Articles with Other Editors

Although it is possible for standard html files that I create within CityDesk to be edited with a 3rd party editor, the option to edit with a 3rd party editor (Frontpage, for example) does not appear for an article.  I know that I could cut-and-paste HTML from the 3rd party editor into CityDesk, but I would assume that there is a more elegant way.


P.S. I am running Windows XP Pro and CityDesk 1.0.31 Starter Edition

Friday, October 18, 2002

Noah, there is not a more "elegant" way that I know of, but I have worked around the need to add additional markup by using CSS and variables. For example, you can define DIVs in your article template and then redefine standard HTML tags to meet your formatting needs, which reduces the typing burden somewhat. You can also store commonly reused HTML code in variables, which if you're efficient in your naming are relatively painless to enter.

If you feel the need to individually format every article then a template-driven system like CityDesk is not as strong as a Dreamweaver or Frontpage. Then again, giving nontechnical content providers access to a tool like FrontPage can result in an inconsistent look and feel across your site.

Scott McDonald
Saturday, October 19, 2002

Upon first learning about CD, I didn't really see the need for articles versus stand-alone html files.  It is true that the edit control used in CD is, to be kind, a wacky piece of work (messing up format, capitalizing, removing quotes, etc.).  I understand it is a microsoft control.  The next version of CD is rumored to have a better functioning control in its place I believe.

However, using the template + content method, along with variables ends up being really productive -- once you get used to doing things that way.  I would guess that most every web site has enough structural regularity that one or a few templates can be used for many pages.

I suggest that you download the several example .cty files that have been offered up here (tk has a list of them on his site -- see "Terry's Tips" on the left margin).  Looking at how others have set up sites with CD is a great way to learn.

Joel C. Goldstick
Sunday, October 20, 2002

I'm missing a more comprehensive article editor less and less.  I miss it most for tables.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

I understand the work around solutions, but I think that for non-technical people, they aren't the greatest solution. 

I guess I would need to echo tk.  If the editor offered the ability to support tables, then I wouldn't have a need for a 3rd party editor.  Any comments from Fog Creek about adding this feature?


Sunday, October 20, 2002

I realize another thing I miss in the CityDesk article editor is the "Format painter" from FrontPage.  Of course the good thing about not having it is that it discourages me from my often ugly formatting.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

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