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Help: Lost file???

I did some work on a non-profit site. I published the site. I closed down CityDesk. 3 days later, I opened the site, and it has reverted to the state before I did the updates. I've searched my drives. Nada.

To say I'm baffled is an understatement. What happened?

More importantly, is there any way to recapture the lost work?

Running Win2k server.

Amos Satterlee
Tuesday, October 8, 2002

I've never lost anything in CityDesk after nearly a year of daily use.  I know that's not much consolation.

It's like someone did a restore and replaced your new file with the old.  I did just this on Monday in Quickbooks and nearly trashed a customer's time reports.  (I clicked on restore when I should have clicked on back up.)

If you published your recent revisions, you should be able to recover your content and format, if not your revised scripts.  You'll have to brute force it all back into your CityDesk but that might not be too bad.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

It makes me feel like someone hacked past ZoneAlarm and replaced the file with a backup copy.

Amos Satterlee
Tuesday, October 8, 2002

I have had a similar thing before. I mailed a file to myself and opened it in the mail. I was just able to recover it from the internet temporary files directory.

To check if this could have happened to you:

Check the file menu; the last opened files are shown. Even if not by full directory. Or you can verify the last opened documents and use properties to get the complete location.

But then: if CD can't open it, it may not be there anymore (or you have insufficient rights). Good luck.

Adriaan van den Brand
Wednesday, October 9, 2002

A few days ago I had a situation where it seemed i lost a template.  It was empty, but the rest of the site was intact.  I attributed it to me perhaps doing a ctl-x instead of ctl-c (no, I couldn't have done that!), or to some kind of resource issue.  Sometimes when i have cd open and several browsers, and perhaps visual interdev or html-kit, parts of me screen disappear. (Windows ME)

I started exiting cd after I felt I wanted to save my progress, copying CD file and adding to a zip file.  I also recreated my template from the above glitch by going to the published site, cutting the template part from the completed html file, then reverse engineering the script from that.

Joel C. Goldstick
Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Never mind... I forgot which machine I used to update the site. (hang head, mumbling "doh!") Thanks for the feedback.

Amos Satterlee
Wednesday, October 9, 2002

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