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FTP Error (425) Causes CD to hang

I'm having trouble uploading a site to my server. CD creates the directory structure on the server Ok, then when writing the Index.html file (at least I assume it is then), it gets a 425 error, leaving a zero byte file, followed by a couple more commands:

200 Command okay
425 Can't open data connection
200 Command okay
200 Command okay

And thereafter it just sits there until I hit cancel. If I then close CD I (sometimes) get a system level error.

This site currently has only one main page, with a few graphics.

I CAN FTP to the same place using an FTP program without trouble. Using the same login. Server is running Xitami Pro.

FWIW, using the same login, just different subdirectory, on a different CD site, it works.

Arrgghgh... help or suggestions MOST appreciated.



Tim Jones
Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Try FTP'ing through Internet Explorer.


CD uses the same functions and the same FTP code that IE uses when it does the FTP.

Once logged in, try to copy your site that you just published locally over to the server.

Michael H. Pryor
Tuesday, October 1, 2002


That does indeed seem to be the problem. I can't get through to my sites with IE. It contacts the site, but hangs whilst retreiving the directory listing. Opera/Netscape work fine.

I've tried upgrading my IE today, but the problem still persists. Obviously something is amiss in the IE ftp works. Not sure what to do now, short of a fresh system install.

BTW, why the FTP??.OCX if you use IE's - is it just a convenience wrapper/layer?



Tim Jones
Thursday, October 3, 2002

"BTW, why the FTP??.OCX if you use IE's - is it just a convenience wrapper/layer?"


Michael H. Pryor
Thursday, October 3, 2002

Did you try both Passive mode and non-Passive mode?

Joel Spolsky
Friday, October 4, 2002


No, I hadn't until now, because I've always used PASV by default, and it's always worked for me in the past.

I just tried switching it on the problemsome site and it worked! [shaking head]

That is after spending the weekend reinstalling OS, IE, SPs, Firewall and general tinkering. ;-\

At that point I had IE ftp'ing Ok, but was still getting the 425 with CD.

I'm happy it is working, but, can't for the life of me fathom what is going on. It works for one site on the same server, but not others (without juggling PASV setting). IE works for both sites regardless.

Confusing... but I'm happy to be able to get it working again. If you're planning on revisting any of the FTP code in V2 and would like a copy of the CTY files, just holler!

Thanks for the advice so far.

Tim Jones
Monday, October 7, 2002

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