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Unexpected article/url name behavior -I think

This old can of worms may have slimed me a little today:

I'm "CityDesk'ing" an existing web site.  I'm keeping the old urls. I turned the pages into articles.

I'm also going to put each article into one of three folders.  Only the search engines will bother with the old URL's, the user will see the articles in the folders.

So, I made my folders and copied the articles into them: I highlighted each article, Ctrl-C'ed, then Crtl-V'ed the article into the appropriate folder.  Worked great.  But when I previewed, I noticed that the publshed file names weren't what I expected.

Here is the "services" folder and its three articles (as shown in Designer mode)

The published URL's for these articles were:

I fixed it by completely renaming each article in the folders.

I know that if I Ctrl-C'ed and Ctrol-V'ed within the same folder, CityDesk would have assigned a new filename: "Copy of filename." But in this case the article name looked correct but didn't publish correctly.

I was not seeing what I was getting.

Sunday, September 8, 2002

I use copyboy to fix names like that.

Adriaan van den Brand
Monday, September 9, 2002

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