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de-formatting #!@*&*ing fields

I just imported around 50 of my old newspaper articles, some of which were already in HTML format. I brought them into CityDesk manually and painstakingly, creating a new article for each one and utilizing the "Extras" fields for various story elements. So the original dek went under "Teaser," the "Staff Reporter" or "Special to The Paper" part of my old bylines went under "About the Author," the name of the original publication under "Extra 1," etc.

In the process of creating these articles in CityDesk, I would sometimes copy/paste from an HTML version of the article I had on hand (usually out of a database like Lexis/Nexis).

Well, now that I've created a template for the old clips, and actually seen them rendered, I've discovered that CityDesk retained the HTML formatting of these text snippets when I pasted them into the Extras fields. So now "Staff Reporter" shows up size 2, helvetica/arial when in fact I want just the plain text of that field so I can format it however I want in my template. This behavior was, um, let's say a wee bit unexpected. Not only do I not get control over the formatting, I now have different clips looking different based on whether I typed manually or copy/pasted, or based on what original publication they are from. And since the fields have no Normal/HTML View toggle, I can't seem to fix the problem! Even copying the text and going to Edit/Paste without formatting does not work, for some reason.

And here I thought I distinctly remembered people in this DG complaining that one *couldn't* embed HTML in these fields. My memory must have messed that one up. My problem is that HTML *was* embedded, and I now I can't get it out! Help!

I am running 1.0.31 home edition, Win2k 5.00.2195 sp3, IE 6.0.26.

Any tips greatly appreciated.

Ryan Tate
Saturday, September 7, 2002

Bonus functionality: the fields seem to accept P tags as well, so that's in there too ... -r

Ryan Tate
Saturday, September 7, 2002

Of course I search old discussions *after* I post =)

Here is a prior discussion of the issue, with workaround.

I should like to second the feature request for HTML View of these fields, but also add that it would be super-tastic to have a keyboard shortcut for Paste without formatting, and even better to have that be the default way of pasting into the Extras fields, since it can be esp tough to undo damage in these fields without HTML view.


Ryan Tate
Saturday, September 7, 2002

Alt-E-W is paste without formatting.

Saturday, September 7, 2002

You can completely clear each "extra" field by positioning the cursor inside the field, choosing "Select all" from the "Edit" pull-down menu, and then hitting the "delete" key.

Alex Chernavsky
Sunday, September 8, 2002

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