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new .cty demo js/css

I think it is great that fogcreek publishes more demo's. A few notes for improvement:
- publish all demos at some citydesk/demo location on the fogcreek site.
- include notes on how to use / how it works in the .cty
- add a little bit more to it than just a .css switch.

The real cool thing about Citydesk and javascript is that you can combine CityScript and Javascript. I use it to create javascript arrays with references to citydesk articles and headlines and stuff.

And an other example was published in this forum long time ago, someone made a simple counter in javascript to show how many items/articles where in a table.

But then, with so many experienced CityDeskers around and Joels love for contests like why not having some contest for the best citydesk demo? Possibly in a few categories of citydesk usage... ?

Adriaan van den Brand
Friday, September 6, 2002

The idea behind having a very simple demo (styleswitch.cty) was to show users (and off course potential users) very plainly how they can use CityDesk in their own projects.

Of course, managing a sophisticated website is the ultimate goal, but showing people how to do very specific things is a good first step.

This particular demo was also partially in response to Armin Hanisch's posting from August 28 where he asked about including CSS files within .cty projects.

Charles Reich
Saturday, September 7, 2002

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