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collaboration in citydesk

In the platform article on
Joel tells some intersting things about plans for future CityDesk versions.

My question: is peer-to-peer the true solution to all collaboration needs?
It requires all collaborating members to be online. So making a phone call may be difficult for some people.
Also, it does not solve the problem some people have with maintaining one website from 2 locations (unless both computers are allowed to be online and not blocked by firewalls and proxy servers).

Other solutions might be:
- use of central (Sql) database (not available to everyone, but a nice solution to some of us ;-)
- use of the only guaranteed option: the ability to FTP to a server.

The latter option:
- if a file (with a very difficult 32-64 character semi-random filename, and optionally encrypted) contains the changes the the local database, then other locations can use this to update their databases accordingly. This may be less intuitive than peer to peer (may be 5 minute delay before changes are incorporated), but will solve the limitations mentioned for peer-to-peer.

if also the complete database is stored in this way (on the server) than also a safe backup scenario is provided. Especially if you have the ability to place them in a password protected directory.

Adriaan van den Brand
Friday, September 6, 2002

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