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Importing Existing CityDesk Sites?

Is there a way to import an existing CityDesk site? My machine at work was hosed and the site source was erased along with the rest of my disk. Now all I have is the published site.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I remember a thread on this a while ago - TK will undoubtedly have a reference to it somewhere!

I've found that it can be worthwhile to upload a zipped copy of your .cty file to your server every once in a while to reduce the risk of something like this happening. This is especially important if you are maintaining the site on behalf of an organisation or another person - if you drop out of the picture, at least they'll have a chance to keep their site going.

If you want an entertaining discourse on backup strategies, check out the Tao Of Backup:

Darren Collins
Wednesday, August 28, 2002

The old topic was early in CityDesk's career, when the only URL's were "FOG0000000000NNN.HTML.  The question was how to publish your files with the original FOG URL so that old links weren't trashed.

You still had to redo the site mostly from scratch but with the complication of making CityDesk generate the proper FOG URL's.

You are still stuck.  There isn't any good way to recapture your .cty file and reclaim your site as it was.  You'll have to recreate variables, templates, etc, and remake your directories and articles.

Old discussions:

A disaster like yours

We're hoping that future versions will have better imports but even those won't be ables to redo a template or variable.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

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