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Metatags via Keywords Export?

Q: How do I use CityDesk to generate metatags?

Re: Article Properties Info:

The Keywords section lets you provide a list of words, separated by spaces, that can be searched later for information about this article.

For example, if you are creating a business web site, you might want to use company stock ticker symbols as keywords so that it's easy to find all articles about a particular company later.

See Using Keywords Effectively.
@ fog0000000065.html

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End: Metatags via Keywords Export?

Bob (RJ) Burkhart
Saturday, August 17, 2002

If you're asking how to change an article's keywords property into a meta tag list of keywords, I'd just add this to the template inside the head section:

<META name="keywords" content="{$.keywords$}">

This is assuming I understood your question.

Troy King
Sunday, August 18, 2002

Mahalo Troy. . .

Works well with Atomz Search @

<META name="description" content="{$.headline$}">
<META name="keywords" content="{$.keywords$}">

FYI - Search also found prior reply on this topic . . . 

Bob (RJ) Burkhart
Sunday, August 25, 2002

Leran more about prior Metatag Tips, Trick & Traps


Bob (RJ) Burkhart
Sunday, August 25, 2002

Found more helpful "META" tidbits lurking


Bob (RJ) Burkhart
Sunday, August 25, 2002

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