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Changing captions deletes rest of page

I am new to Citydesk and am finding it a little unstable when working with pictures.  In particular, with centered pictures (4 or 5 down a page with a space in between) when I go to change a Caption and update it (editing the page -- not publishing it) it sometimes deletes the rest of the pictures and captions under it.  It does it less often if there is text underneath.

It is intermittent and feels like it has something to do with not having spaces (or having spaces) between pictures -- but I can't find a consistent cause.

Any ideas?

David Gibbs
Sunday, August 11, 2002

The problem is located in HTML. Citydesk puts <SPAN> tags around the picture for the caption. The problem is: when a picture is deleted, citydesk deletes everything between <SPAN> and </SPAN>. If there is text in there, it will show properly until you delete the picture.

I don't know if this can happen in normal view, but for HTML view I'm sure. And we know of the many limitations of the DHTML component, so may be it does.

One of the reasons I try not to use the caption of Citydesk.

Adriaan van den Brand
Sunday, August 11, 2002

I use captions and they are a source of funkiness.  Once you've added a picture with a caption, you can delete the picture but the table and "spans" remain.  To get it clean you have to mess with the HTML little.

I think if you add a <P> </P> between you pictures, you want have so much trouble with them.

But to be safe check, the HTML view.  Your cursor may be in the right place on the normal view but it may be in a dangerous place in the HTML.  You think you are deleting some text and suddenly your whole picture is gone.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

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