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CD Forum & Knowledge Base, UI and a bug?

Would it be possible to publish the date of last change in both these areas as well as just the Subject? It would just help sort out the old and new and save trying to remember whether I've read the article.

Also, I find the forum valuable and wonder what nuggets are hidden in the archives. Could an extra column be added listing the various keywords (in alpha order)? Clicking on a keyword eg 'scripts' would take me to all articles on scripts (with date displayed, most recent first.

Also, a minor UI request... having the 'Preview' and 'Publish' buttons is not good for the heart when you hit 'Publish' by mistake. Suggest the buttons be separated, or, as well and perhaps better, have a confirmation dialog box for publishing.

Minor bug (?)... the 'large buttons with text' option only seems to wotk on the main toolbar. Could it work away from the main menu please eg when editing articles or templates?

Greg Russell
Friday, July 26, 2002

I like the forum design.  I can quickly tell if something new has been added - because it's blue.  When I want to find something in the forum "archives" - I have been successful using the search found on the left margin above the links.  FWIW.

Guy Bjerke
Friday, July 26, 2002

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