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Bug: html garbage in textarea

When I select a <textarea></textarea> and switch between normal and html views, then Citydesk inserts the following garbage IN THE TEXTAREA (so between the <textarea></textarea> tags:

lt;SPAN id=fogstart&gt;&lt;/SPAN&gt;&lt;SPAN id=fogend&gt;&lt;/SPAN&gt;
(this looks like
<SPAN id=fogstart></SPAN><SPAN id=fogend></SPAN>
in normal view, but then it appears inside the textarea!

Adriaan van den Brand
Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I experienced this too. I think Terry told me that once you publish the garbage within the textarea disappears. I can't remember if I tested that theory.

Would love to know if anyone has figured this out.

Alison Fish
Tuesday, August 6, 2002

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