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Feature request: Generic templates/vars


I've FINALLY taken the plunge to give my personal webpage a slightly better appearance. I began work with CityDesk Starter edition last year, then got too busy with other things to finish the site.

I have four sites, one main site with three "children". I maintain each as a separate site (one for each member of my family) and I use a common template layout for all sites, but each site is allowed to customize its own colour scheme and background image(s).

The code outline for headers, sidebars and footers is thus the same for all sites, except I change the values of some specific variables such as {$.MyBgImage$}, {$.MyPhoto$}, {$.MyRoot$} etc.

Now what irks me is that I have to set up and redefine all custom variables and header/footer/sidebars/templates on a per-site-basis. It would be very nice if one could store the templates and variable definitions in separate text files outside of each site's integrated file, this way I could maintain such items in a single place instead of having to copy+paste templates and variables from one site to another (continuous synchronisation work).

My site:

Kristofer Skaug
Monday, July 15, 2002

>  if one could store the templates and variable
> definitions in separate text files...

just realized this may not have been so clearly stated: the current CD way must stay, but the option to link a variable value or a template to an external text file, for example, would be great! Same in any HTML segment, really; should be possible to link in code from a local file with a relative or absolute pathname. I suppose a tag like:

{$.Footer$} where the variable Footer points to {$.File="..\Common\Footers\SmallFoot.txt"$} or whatever.

Kristofer Skaug
Monday, July 15, 2002

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