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Nitpick: Don't jar me

I'm all for spash screens, and Fog Creek does most everything right regarding theirs.  Quick, and positioned relative to application window... But:

As a user, I want to feel comfortable with my application.  And when opening my CityDesk application, its browser window opens first, so I can seemingly start working, THEN the splash screen comes up.  And it's noisy and doesn't even have a single-pixel wide border.  For less then a second, the possability that something has gone wrong with my computer occurs to me.

It would be less jarring if CityDesk's splash had a single-pixel bevel or border consistent with Microsoft's recommended light source (upper left?).  Just that would be enough for alarms not to go off in my head, even for that fraction of a second.  If it opened before the main window, even better.  Take a clue from Word and Excel and the like, in this regard.

David Blume
Monday, June 24, 2002

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