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Bug: Sometimes Find misses

To reproduce, create an article, and use the source from  (Just the article part, it starts with "The following" and ends with five [/DIV]s.)
Search for FONT.  It's hit a few times, then it'll start hitting on "ONT:".

David Blume
Sunday, June 23, 2002

I seem to be the master of replying to my own bugreports.

Anyway, two notes:  First, I was in HTML view.  Find has not yet broken for me in Normal View.  Second:  The bug is intermittent.  Sorry.  Even on my machine, when following my own directions, Find now works correctly.  If I discover the perfect recipe for reproducing the bug, I'll let you know.  I suspect malformed HTML had something to do with it, even though I was in HTML view, and you wouldn't think the bad code would adversely affect find.

When reproducing the bug, there was another bug: Selecting some text, hitting Ctrl-F, typing in text to find, noting Direction was "entire", then finding sometimes only found within the selected text, not the entire article.

David Blume
Sunday, June 23, 2002

David, you are great in replying to yourself, keep it up.

One thing I think has happend to me is that I open the search box in normal view, realize I'm searching/replacing the <br>'s, tso I switch to HTML view without closing the search box.  The search box seems to think it's still looking in Normal view and doesn't find the <br>'s that I see plain as day.

So, I always reopen the search box when I switch from one view to another.  Does that do anyting for you?

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Re: Switching views with Find dialog open

That definitely wasn't my bug.  In HTML view, I'd open the find dialog, type some text, and hit "Find Next" a few times.  The first few would succeed, then, consistently after some malformed HTML code, find would select the correct number of characters, but offset by one.  (Eg., "ONT:" instead of "FONT")  Interestingly, the "end of specified region" dialog would come up right after the first incorrect hit.

I encountered this bug because I was tracking down my malformed HTML code.  Heh.  Just some nested and incorrectly closed CSS, Ps, FONTs and DIVs.

But, you bring up some interesting behaviour regarding switching views.  It seems consistent, if not intuitive.

IMHO: Find should toss the concept of searching only the specified region.  I bet that's not common.  That allows the find dialog to remove the "entire" selection, and to automatically fill the "find" text box with the current selection when being opened.

If Fog Creek disagrees, then the edit window probably should not always hide the selection highlight when losing focus to the find dialog.  We'd want to be able to see the specified region bounds within which find is working. 

David Blume
Monday, June 24, 2002

I've noticed files that end in a handful of </div> tags, and they always open somewhere in the article.... I guess when you format something and hit enter, CD doesn't know whether or not you want to continue that formatting (i.e. move the </div> tag down to the right of the cursor) or stop the formatting, i.e. leave the </div> somewhere above/to the left of he cursor.

It seems to default to keeping your text inside the <div /> until the end of the article.

Monday, June 24, 2002

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