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Updating files in CityDesk

I store a number of .zip files in my CityDesk site and I'd like to be able to update them easily. Currently if you dran-n-drop "" into a folder and there's already a "" file there, you get a renamed file - "". I'd like to replace the existing file.

If I delete the file and drop iun my new one it has a different magic name and I have to manually update all my links. There's no easy way to update arbitrary files with CityDesk.


Ethan Henry
Friday, June 14, 2002

What I did was to add a program association to the zip file, like UltraEdit or Notepad (right-click on the zip file in CityDesk, choose 'Open With', then 'Choose Program...' and put in the path, like 'C:\Winnt\Notepad.exe'). Then you open the zip file in notepad and find where the file is (it'll be in a temporary folder with 'CityDeskExternal' in it). Just over-write the zip file there and CityDesk will pick up the change and integrate it into the site when you flick back to it.

Kind of a roundabout way to do it but it works.

John C
Monday, June 17, 2002

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