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BUGs: undo trouble (trial version)

In the trial version. 

1.  Do exactly two undoable things in content creation mode.  Undo the last thing.  Notice that undo is still enabled, and therefore executing undo again should either undo the first thing, or redo the last thing.  It does neither.

2.  Do something undoable in content creation mode.  Run the spell checker.  Notice that undo is enabled.  Try it, and it does nothing.

David Blume
Friday, June 14, 2002

Whoopsie.  Bug 2 should include:

2. ... Run the spell checker.  Cancel or finish with the spell checker. Notice ...

David Blume
Friday, June 14, 2002

Whoopsie again.  Bug 1 above needs more precise directions, because it is possible under certain conditions (work quickly) for the second undo to work correctly.

The "undo stack" appears to be accepting timed null events.  Because if I hit undo enough times, my first undoable will eventually pop to the top.

To better reproduce bugs 1 and 2.  Do something undoable.  Wait a while.  Do something else undoable.  Wait a while.  Undo.  Wait a while.  Undo again, and you probably won't get what you expect.  Undo over and over, and eventually you'll get to a real undo event.

David Blume
Friday, June 14, 2002

The above bugs occur on a Windows XP Home system.  I just tried to reproduce the bugs on a Windows 2000 system, and undo worked correctly, if differently.

Windows XP Home:  Undo typing would undo (clear) an entire contiguous string at a time.  But suffered the phantom undo events when the program idled.

Windows 2000:  Undo typing would only undo one character at a time, but undo always worked "correctly."  (Better behaviour would be to undo all typing since the last cursor positioning at once.)

David Blume
Friday, June 14, 2002

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