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How to change designated template en mass?

There must be an easy way to this; I just figure I'm a dense clod:

I've got a bunch of articles in a folder, maybe 50 or so. I'd like to change the designated template they use. Opening up each article one at a time and changing the template is rather time consuming. There must be some way of changing all of them in one fell swoop, right?

Dave Fobare
Monday, June 10, 2002

Wait, I'm the densest clod on the forum.  I've used the "open all the aritlce to change the templage" method.

But more often I just modify the template itself.  That is, I make the new template then copy it over the template that the 50 articles are using.  Of course I then might have to change the template for 20 other articles but 20 is easier than 50.

I hope we'll get a  feature that lets us see a list of articles in a tablular format that allows us to view and change keywords, templates, dates, etc. in mass.  It would also be nice to set a default template for a whole folder.

Monday, June 10, 2002

If you have MS Access you could go into the .cty file and just change the template reference on the articles you need to change. Be sure to make a backup first, though, just in case you goof big time. <g>

Sounds like a good VB project for me to work on during my morning commute. A utility that will help with en masse changes to articles.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

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