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Feature req: abslinks please

I've found the relative links that citydesk produces rather annoying in combination with javascript and perl. I prefer abslinks but there I can't configure that.

Reason: relative markers are generated relative to the location of the URL loaded by the browser; relative markers inside a script may have a very different scope than the browser. (things like 'preload_images() thus have to be located inside the document-template not in the .js)

Even worse is the combination with perl. I wanted to add a search-script; I've updated the script config (of perlfectsearch) to use the html edited in Citydesk. However, the relative markers for the browser are relative to the /cgi-bin/perlfect/search whilst Citydesk article contains links relative to the article.

Please have this (configurable) for server use. For preview relative links are great, on the server I prefer abslinks (prefixed with a / )

Adriaan van den Brand
Wednesday, June 5, 2002

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