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Bug: text after image in DIV not P

I inserted a picture aligned center. The cursor placed itself after the image and my text was also centered, so I left aligned it, but it aligned the image center too, so I hit enter to insert a P and centered the image again.

After I was done with my paragraph I hit enter again, but my text appeared on the next line. "Huh, this isn't how P works in HTML" I thought to myself.

A peek into the code shows that my text was located inside a <DIV align=left> tag not a P tag. I had to go in and manually add P tags. There were also some extra </span> tags that didn't seem to have any purpose.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

I have been using CityDesk for a simple photo site.  It is rather clumsy for photos.  When I insert a photo with a caption it always places it center justified.  If you highlight just the one photo it will only justify the text.  The trick is usually to highlight the whole line of all the photos and text, then the new photo will be left justified with the rest.  However, if you mess it up, you will often lose the new photo.  I have also found the undo button doesn't work for the error. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

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