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Alt-Tab revisited

I saw old postings concerning some Alt-Tab shortcomings, but they seemed to involve only icons.  I'm experiencing this behavior (win2k):

Another program has focus (i.e., Word)

Hit Alt-Tab to switch to CityDesk

Hit Alt-Tab (and release right away) to go back to Word <-- that's not what happens, but in my experience it's what should happen.  Instead, I get one of the other open CityDesk windows.

I'm a fast alt-tabber to go back and forth between two programs (something which is done quite often), so this is always getting me.

Is this a win2k issue?

Bill Dawson
Monday, May 27, 2002

Not just a Win2K issue, it does the same thing in my Win98.  It's annoying.  Alt-Tab seems to cycle through all the CD windows before going to where you expect.

But, if you have the "Insert link" box open, Alt-Tab works properly.

Monday, May 27, 2002

I find this tabbing problem annoying too, especially when I've got a few articles open and I'm trying to copy text from a Word document or something. I use both Win98 and Win2000, and the problem's the same on both platforms.

I also find it annoying that I can't open an article (or even switch to an article) while the Variables window is open. What's with that?! My main use for the Variables window is to copy often-used bits of text and code from an article into a variable. I hate having to keep closing the window, copying the text I want, reopening the window, opening the variable, and then pasting the text.

Darren Collins
Friday, June 14, 2002

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