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My first CityDesk site get a redo

I'm submitting this because it's a dull day on the Forum and it's one of the few CityDesk sites that is not about software:

This is the first CityDesk site I did, starting last fall.  So far it contains 120K words.  There is a lot more material coming in now, so we made the site a little prettier and tried to organize it for the onslaught.

The author literally has a grocery bag full of hand-written stories; we never know what's coming next.  His son types and edits them then emails them to me.  Without CityDesk it would be miserable job that I wouldn't have attempted.  With CityDesk, unexpected articles and reorganizations don't faze me (very much).

My project management motto is that you really don't know how you should have done it until you've finished and it's too late.  In this case I had a messy template build-up.  I'm down to a single template now.

A few things would make it easier for me.  None of these are new ideas on the forum and I'm doing fine without them:  A next/previous would help.  A "InThisFolder" scripting feature would allow me to remove some messy script build-up and keep me a little more organized.  The ability the view/modify batches of articles / properties / extra's in a tabular format would help me manage keywords, authors, templates, etc. would have saved me a lot of time when I eliminated 5 templates.  Managing tables in the article editor would have helped a little too.

After we publish the next 100K words I'll probably change my mind.

Thanks to all you forum folks. You helped more than you know.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

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