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Q: Magic Name File Links in External Editor

I use Dreamweaver to edit my templates. Since CityDesk uses Magic Names to keep relative links properly aligned, you need to link to a relative-link-named file in the same directory as your html template.

What logic does CityDesk use to put magic-name image files (or other files) in that directory? When first editing my template they don't seem to be there, but after editing for a while, it seems new ones are automatically placed in there.

This hasn't been a stumbling block, but the logic is a mystery to me.

Dreamweaver Templates don't require magic names, and somehow manage to keep the relative link thing right. This might be something to look into.

Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Say the magic name is PTMFOG000003.gif.. then in your template it appears as

<img src="PTMFOG000003.gif">

when its published, its changed to the real url which could be <img src="/images/graduationpic.gif">

but when you edit with an external editor we just pop all the PTMFOG files out to the temp dir where the template is NAMED as they are in the template; in this case, we would pop out graduationpic.gif, but name it PTMFOG00003.gif, so DW would show it ok.

Those files are always there but DW may not load them when it loads the files (file system weirdness maybe?), but I bet if you open the template in DW and the images don't appear and you hit F5, they will.  Then again, remember this only works for magic named files, not other files...

Customer Service
Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Ah, they always appear. Yeah it might be file system wierdness, like DW looking in the last folder where I grabbed images from and not from the same directory as the html file I'm editing....


Wednesday, May 1, 2002

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