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Minor bugs in SP1

1)  the HTML display doesn't respect the "hidden" flag on controls in forms.  Try putting the Amazon search form onto your website, which has several hidden fields.

2) Within the text of an article, select some text.  Right click on the text to bring up the context menu.  Then, realizing for the 12th time that "link" has not magically appeared on the menu, hit ctrl-k on the keyboard.  Link dialog appears, but the context menu stays up over the top.  Can't click till you hit escape.

3)  Citydesk Installs to the shortcut directory "CIty Desk" (capital 'C', captial 'I') in the start menu  -- did you want "City Desk"?

I'm using Starter Edition Version 1.0.27

Rob Purser
Thursday, April 18, 2002

thanks for the feedback!

(1) is intentional; I can see why you wouldn't want it, but you may want to see that the form exists and what it has on it even though it won't show up in the final output. This is something we don't have a lot of control over but we'll consider different options for the next version.

(2) I'll check into that

(3) I suspect this must have been something you typed when you ran "SETUP" -- our default it to create a folder named "Fog Creek Software", not CityDesk.


Joel Spolsky
Friday, April 19, 2002

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