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Requests: inheritance, expansion, and XPath, oh my

1. Let variables be assigned at the folder level, then impose an inheritance hierarchy on folders (sub-folders get parent's values, unless overwritten)

2. Support variable expansion within CityScript statements.  So one could do something like...

{$ if nonblank .multiPartFolder $}
    {$ foreach x in (folder "{$ .multiPartFolder $}") $}
        Multi-part article: {$ x.headline $}
    {$ next $}
{$ endif $}

Not that this example does anything useful.  I'm thinking along the lines of organizing multi-part articles in subfolders and then generating "next/prev" links, maybe  with some Javascript, so we don't have to use up precious extra tags and it will be semi-automatic.

3. Some notion of programmatically moving around the CityDesk tree (ala XPath).  Maybe just some article reference variables (like the "x" in {$ foreach x...$} populated automatically based on location in the tree? Then next/prev links would be trivial.

Sorry if this isn't quite coherent; it's getting late here in Chicago...

Gary Loescher
Tuesday, April 16, 2002

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