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Comparison to Net Objects Fushion

We currently use NOF mx to manage our corporate web site.  I have stumbled across CityDesk and am curious if others have compared the two.  In reading the forum, there were a couple passing mentions of NOF, ussually in a bad way.

Bob Brennan
Wednesday, April 3, 2002

I tried using NOF once. I was generally very unhappy with the HTML it generated (I'm a purist) and gave up.

I think the CD approach is far better - that is the separation of the templates and the articles is similar, but the templates are much easier to control and get the way you want in CD.

On the downside NoF has lots of very cool tools that make life easier. I liked their nav-menu system, their turn-anything-into-a-rollover, and many of those sorts of features. I'd love to see them in CD.

But here's an important point: CD can turn into NoF with additions like these. I don't believe that NoF can turn into CD - they're too far down their road.

Maury Markowitz
Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Here's my take:

Net Objects Fusion
Great for a beginner who aren't interested in doing anything but creating a simple website. Creates (insert adjective) looking sites that are extremely easy to put together. My sister gave up on Dreamweaver but was able to create an NOF site very easily. Outputs funky HTML tables to create the illusion of drag & drop editing.
Bottom Line: Stupid Easy to use, it's big strength is in the NOF template library, and if you don't like it, you're SOL.

While site creation is for the more advanced person who understands HTML and at least a little scripting logic, once it's set up though, CityDesk is great for the novice user. CityDesk a Content Management system, perhaps not industrial strength, but a good shovel in a world filled with backhoes and spades.
Bottom Line: Content Management for the Masses, it's strength is in it's powerful CM database, it doesn't come with any templates, but if you can set one up your site takes care of itself.

Mark W
Friday, April 5, 2002

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