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Please reconsider

The ability to use a variable such as .headline or any other article specific field or the current folder as a reference in

(folder "var") or (keyword_contains "var")

is the ONLY substantial feature missing, IMHO. It is very basic in order to be able to stick with one template instead of several templates (which our customers cannot add anyway, we would have to do it for them).


We have navigation buttons which are automatically generated using (folder "navigation") and this gives the individual articles as well as the links automatically. Very nice so far.

The CD user can easily add new navigation items by simply placing them in the "navigation" folder. Or removing them by deleting an article. Totally dynamic and transparent to the user.

But when we want the content of a (navigation) article to display second-level links to other, related, articles we have to resort to individual templates PER navigation item instead of simply doing a, e.g.

(folder "{$.extra2$}/morearticles")

which would allow us and the user to stick with one template only. Also it means that we cannot dynamically assign second-level articles = every time the user adds/changes a navigation item he would need us to script a new template hardcoding the second-level article folder with

(folder "products/morearticles")

This is very basic to any website we try to convert to CD at the moment and a major hurdle to sales of CD.

So, to us, never mind any further scripting features or new scripting language. On the contrary, CD is fine as is. Just this ability to use article-dependent variables in (folder) or (keyword_contains) is really important.

For everything else CD is great as is. Please reconsider. Thanks.

Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas
Monday, March 25, 2002

Here is another related discussion.  The idea is to have a more generalized scripts based on keywords like, "This_Folder" and "This_Folder_and_its_subfolder"

Monday, March 25, 2002

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