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Help me start a list of FAQ's

Lets start a list of the FAQ's

Help me make a list of the CityDesk FAQ's.  I'm better on the questions than the answers so I'll list them on my help site: and with your help, dig up as many answers and we can find: mostly from links to these forum topics.  To the Fog Folks, if you've got this started already, please stop me.

Here are some starter FAQ's:

1. Can you use an external editor with articles?
2. How to managing tables in an article?
3. How to manage bookmarks with scripts?
4. How to build tables with scripts?
5. How to get at the .cty data with Access, with Excel?
6. How to manage HTLM in extra fields?
7. What are the secrets to multilingual sites?
8. Hot to use keywords to manage audiences?
9. Guide to formatting "and's" and "or's" in CityScript.
10. Trick for using keywords to list folder names.
11. Build a table of articles, urls, authors, keyword's, etc.
12. How to manage scripting languages in CityDesk?
13. Managing scripting languages with {$ and $}
14. What the story on non-breaking spaces?
15. When undo doesn't work.
16. Tip's for managing "printable versions"
17. How to manage single paragraph articles?
18. Where can I find more CityDesk templates and script examples?
19. How to recover when you delete your .cty file?
20. How to put keywords in the your page title and meta tags?
21. Things folks really would like to do but you just can't do yet.
22. What are some bugs or "features" that we need to know about?
23. How to generate SHTML, XML, Word documents, PDF files, etc.?
24. How does CityDesk count pages?
25. What the problem with folder and files having the same name?
26. How to save time with Ctrl-A and Ctrl-S?
27. Tips on converting existing sites to CityDesk.
28. How to working with external editors?
29. The best tricks for getting, editing, and managing images.
30. How to make an image link to an external URL.
31. How to submit a feature request.
32. What are some real-life things I might want to do with If statements?
33.  Things to look for in script errors and how formatting codes can muck up your script.

Whew, I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

I would like to have a list of "features planned for future versions" in order of priority as well. See if you can squeeze that out of 'em.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

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