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I think I'm turning japanese!

Hi,  I'm sold on Joel, because most of what he says I think makes sense, whatsmore I've actually used his articles on requirements building and time estimating, and it actually works!  But I digress.

I'm thinking citydesk for some of those never-ending requests from friends/family/total strangers to just "whip-up" a website for them in my free time. <cough>

To get to the point... the most current pest has a bilingual site, english / japanese.  I note in the specs that the language support is restricted to latin-iso-1 type characters.  However I've found that sometimes I can get away with just cut/pasting foreign text into cms systems and it works anyways.

Does anyone know how citydesk reacts to content from non-latin character sets?


Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Hi, I'm in Japan. I just started to use "CityDesk".
I can write text in Japanese on "New Article - Normal View" window, or as you wrote, I can copy & paste Japanese text from a editor to "New Article - Normal View".
But when I  select "Save and Preview" or  "Save and close" and re-open it,  almost half of the text is disapeared.
I like "CityDesk" a lot, so if it is possible to avoid this  someway, I want to know the way.

Erika S.
Thursday, March 28, 2002

Thanks Erika.

Sounds like we're not going to magically get lucky on this occasion.  Have to wait till it reaches the top of the most promising ROI feature list.

Monday, April 1, 2002

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