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Using City Desk how do I access an existing URL?

Hi from Australia,

I have a web site at URL
It has been run from Canada by a friend, who is now unable to continue doing that job.

I want to correct items on my AHOY site, add new work etc.

I have just downloaded the Free City Desk software, and would be grateful to learn how I access my Web Site using this program.

Thank You,

Mackenzie Gregory.
Tuesday, March 19, 2002

It all depends on how much you know.  The best thing would be for your friend to send you the web folder presuming he has one on his PC.  Once you have that, you can import the whole folder into CityDesk.  You'll also need the Geocities FTP hostname, id, and password.

Just to have some fun, pick out your favorite web page from your site and import it into CityDesk.

Whatever, it requires a little thinking and planning and then maybe a good deal of ultimately satisfying work.  It might be time to start from scratch.  You can copy the content from your webpages into a new CityDesk site.

Lot's of options depending you what you know and how much time you have.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

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