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Index issues

(can't post to the old thread anymore for some reason, I guess there's some cap on consecutive posts)

I wanted to replace my index.html with an index article in and old site and nothing I did would get an index article to publish as anything other than index-2.html.

After about 15 minutes of troubleshooting that involved deleting files, compacting the site, shutting down citydesk and restarting it, I realized the issue was really the /index *folder* that I had created. I renamed it "indexfiles" and it works fine now.

Mark W
Friday, March 15, 2002

Also, CityDesk doesn't delete old *folders* from the site that are no longer valid, just old *files*.

Mark W
Friday, March 15, 2002

It's a bit tricky but if you have a folder named index we don't let articles have the basename index, because we can't be sure you won't add a template family in the future with no extension which would cause a name conflict. So in general, right now, where articles are concerned, we err on the side of safety and don't let you reuse the same basename. But generating unique publishAs names is sort of a big logical morass :) If you're ever trying to debug something like this, pop open your site in Access and look at the sPublishAs field in the tblStructure table.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, March 15, 2002

If only I had Access 2002. I have Access97 or some such, and don't want to hit up my manager for this.

Again, a warning here seems to make the most sense "You have two objects with the same name, one of them will be published with a different filename" or some such. At least me know I've triggered something out of the ordinary. =)

Mark W
Friday, March 15, 2002

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