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SP1 Features

It's nice to see the new features for SP1... considering it isn't supposed to be a new feature release.  Nice job. :)

A few comments based on the docs:

I noticed the {$ IF ... construct is not generalized.  It only seems to relate to the blank or notblank type of decision. 

But say you had a loop, a nice IF x = 1 construct would be great for making the first item appear differently.  Case in point: the Topic List for this message forum: the first entry has the replies as (4 replies) the rest just as (3), etc.  Very common.

Also if you could do little calculations, you could, for instance, varry the background on even/odd cells of a table generated from articles.  Another very common thing.

I assume IF could be expanded to do these things in the future, but because of the current syntax it precludes using block and notblock (was it?) as variable names.

I am loving the new name thing to get rid of the FOG##### stuff.  :)  I still am going to push for an editable field for it on the properties page though.  I'm convinced that little extra would be a big benefit to a lot of people and wouldn't affect anyone who doesn't need it.

Again, great job getting this out quickly. :)

David Whatley
Friday, March 8, 2002

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